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Find Out Your Horse's Breed With Our DNA Test


We only need 30 mane hairs with the follicle still attached.


Results will be emailed to you generally within +/- two weeks of being received by our lab.


Every horse breed DNA test comes with a free DNA Profile; the results can be used for registration purposes, parentage/relationship testing, and for positive identification of stolen horses.

What do your results include?


  • The results of the test will be provided to you in a detailed report, which will outline the different breeds that make up your horse's ancestry, breed specific genetic concerns, unqiue breed charcteristics and more. This information can be valuable for a variety of reasons – for example, if you're trying to determine the best training and care plan for your horse, or if you're simply curious about your horse's background.
  • DNA My Horse will also provide you with a custom certificate with a photo of your horse stating their breed composition for display and keepsake purposes.
  • BONUS - Free DNA Profile of your horse. Also known as "DNA fingerprinting" or "genotyping", this test establishes a profile of a set of specific gene markers for a given horse inherited from both parents. Results can be used for identification, parentage testing, or equine registration purposes. We perform a search with these results to find sire and/or dam matches of every tested horse.

Did you rescue or buy a horse and you're curious what breed they are?

You can finally get your answer with our horse breed DNA test!


Uncover Your Horse's Past in Just Four Simple Steps

2. Mail us your mane sample

Send us 30-50 of your horse's mane or tail hairs (pulled, not cut) along with our DNA Sample Submission Form.

3. We will analyze sample

Our accredited International Society for Animal Genetics (ISAG) laboratory will analyze your horse's DNA sample.

4. Receive your comprehensive DNA reports

+/- two weeks of our lab receiving your sample, personalized DNA reports of your horse and breed certificate will be e-mailed to you.


Finally get the answer to your horse's breed(s):

“I rescued a lovely chestnut gelding from a kill pen in Texas last year. He's a bit on the stocky side and we have been very curious as to what kind of horse he is. I used DNA My Horse's testing services to find out he is actually a quarter horse/percheron cross. My family and I were so excited for the results. We printed out and framed the lovely certificate they sent us! Their DNA report told us about different characteristics of his breeds and other really cool info we did not know!”
- Anna Deluca