Frequently Asked Questions

Read below to find out the most frequently asked questions that we receive. If you do not see a question answered here, feel free to e-mail us at 

Do I have to submit my horse's picture for testing?

Absolutely not! Pictures are not required for testing. Feel free to submit a picture if you choose to. If you do submit a photo, it is used on the breed certificate (which many of our clients like to share on social media or print out to hang) as well as the DNA report cover. A picture is a lovely addition for a test that is present or as a keepsake.

I haven't received my kit from you in the mail!

We DO NOT sell any physical items nor do we claim to. We don't take your shipping address at checkout (just your billing address) either. All over our website in several spots it clearly states that you mail us your horse's DNA hair sample (you only need a regular envelope, a stamp, and to print out the DNA submission form). This is not a human or dog DNA test - you do not use a swab therefore there is nothing we could even send to you.

Where is the DNA submission form that I mail to you?

What is your mailing address that I should send my horse's DNA sample to?

Our main mailing address is:

DNA My Horse
203 Main Street #132, Flemington, NJ 08822

How are the results sent to me?

As a environmentally conscious company, we are committed to sustainability, and therefore, all results are exclusively delivered via email to minimize paper usage. You have the option to print the results at your convenience. In the event that you don't have access to a computer or printer, numerous professional printing companies are available to assist you with a physical copy. Thank you for joining us in our efforts to reduce environmental impact.

I forgot to send a picture of my horse when I checked out/purchased the DNA test...

No problem! Just e-mail us at with your horse's picture. Let us know what name the order was placed under or the order number.

What is included in my horse's results?

Every horse will receive their own personalized report. If you sent us your horse's picture (picture is optional), it will be included on the report cover and on the special breed composition certificate. The breed composition certificate can be printed out for display or shared on your social media. The report also includes what breed(s) is in your horse's genetic makeup as well as an explanation of the results. Depending on your horse's breed composition, your report will include info about your horse's breed(s). This information includes diseases and health problems that are prominent for that breed as well as tons of other information including the breed's proper nutrition, uses, origin, temperament, conformation, etc.

Every horse breed test includes a free parentge search. We will search our database for dam and sire matches for your horse. Any matches found will be provided in your results. If matches are not found at the time of testing, we do keep all DNA on file which a search is constantly being made for parentage matches as more horses enter our database. It is important that you keep us up to date on your contact information should it change so we can get a hold of you in the event unconfirmed or confirmed parentage matches are found after testing.

Can you provide breed percentages?

Due to the nature and science behind breed testing we cannot give percentages of each breed at this time.

Does you lab have any governing oversight?

Yes, the lab we use is accredited. There is one acting governing body that helps to keep genetic laboratory testing standards held to some kind of common measure: The International Society for Animal Genetics (ISAG). They offer standardized testing every other year for any lab who wishes to participate.

Is your lab liscensed for equine DNA testing?

Yes. The lab we use for testing is ISAG accredited (International Society of Animal Genetics).

How accurate is your testing and what are the limitations?

Although the lab we use is highly accurate, no medical, scientific, or genetic testing is ever 100% accurate - there are simply too many places for errors to occur. The errors can come from any number of places (barn, persons handling samples, allele dropout, heat degradation, contamination, etc.) and any result should be checked against good strong controls, then rechecked, then questioned.

The analysis of your horse's DNA sample is conducted with a reasonable level of certainty. However, it's important to acknowledge the possibility of random changes within your horse's DNA that may influence the results. Our testing procedures and database are designed to recognize and minimize the impact of such changes. It's crucial to note that while the test is a valuable tool, no analytical test can claim 100% accuracy. DNA My Horse cannot be held responsible for any inferences drawn about individual horses based on the provided information.

The test is reasonably good but there is no way to determine how accurate it is. If a purebred horse is tested it will almost always be assigned to the correct breed. The more breeds involved in a cross the lower the probability that a good result will be delivered.

Another point is that breeds within a group of related breeds will be given similar probabilities. Thus, the subject horse may be purebred Paint but the test results may show Quarter Horse. This is because these stock breeds are very similar at the level we can test at. Or a subject horse may be purebred Holsteiner but the results show Trakehner.

We test for genetic markers unique to each horse breed. Many breeds share these genetic traits together which means some tested horses may show closer affinity to a related breed than to the one it actually comes from. A horse's DNA is carried down generation to generation with some markers that get passed on. It is not possible to identify the generation the markers come from. We report the likelihood of the horse being from the breed identified based on the markers present, whether recent or in the past. While our test aims for recent breed composition, the results may show breed(s) that are further back in the pedigree.

What can I do with my results from your tests?

You can share your results with friends and family as many of our customers do! The beautiful personalized DNA reports and breed composition certificates can be printed and displayed or saved onto your computer. If we are able to find your horse's sire and/or dam, this allows owners to get a more complete picture of their horse's history. Some clients were even able to get their horse registered after learning who the parents are.

Most of all, our customers are just thrilled to find out what breed their horse(s) are!

Can you find out if my horse is registered?

Yes, we can possibly find out if your horse is registered if the DNA is flagged in our system for a previously tested match during testing if we were given the information (via testing by previous owner or DNA marker/info submission by previous owner, breeder, etc)

Can you find my horse's sire and/or dam?

The outcomes of our testing process are not predetermined, and we discover the details only after conducting the test and a parentage search in our database.

In instances where no matches are initially found during the testing phase, rest assured that we retain all DNA data on file. If any future matches are identified, we are committed to contacting the horse's owner using the contact information available, which may include a phone number, email address, and/or mailing address. Our goal is to keep you informed and updated on any developments related to your horse's genetic heritage.

We are looking to build partnerships with breed organizations to be able to have access to more DNA markers to search against in our database.

How do I order a test?

To order the horse breed/ancestry DNA test which includes a free parentage search, simply click here to order the test online. Upon completing your purchase, please mail us the DNA Submission Sheet (click to open), along with your horse's hair sample, using a regular envelope and stamp. All mailing and pulling instructions are on the sheet. Once we receive your horse's hair sample by mail, we will promptly notify you via email. After conducting the necessary tests, we will then email you the comprehensive results, presented in beautifully crafted reports that make for a wonderful keepsake. The breed certificate, included in the email, can be easily shared on social media or printed out for display.