Frequently Asked Questions

Read below to find out the most frequently asked questions that we receive. If you do not see a question answered here, feel free to e-mail us at 

I haven't received my kit from you in the mail!

We DO NOT sell any physical items nor do we claim to. We don't take your shipping address at checkout (just your billing address) either. All over our website in several spots it clearly states that you mail us your horse's DNA hair sample (you only need a regular envelope, a stamp, and to print out the DNA submission form). This is not a human or dog DNA test - you do not use a swab therefore there is nothing we could even send to you.

Where is the DNA submission form that I mail to you?

What is your mailing address that I should send my horse's DNA sample to?

Our main mailing address is:

DNA My Horse
203 Main Street #132, Flemington, NJ 08822

How are the results sent to me?

Your horse's personalized DNA reports will be e-mailed to you after our lab processes the sample. It generally can take up to two weeks for our lab to process the sample.

I forgot to send a picture of my horse when I checked out/purchased the DNA test...

No problem! Just e-mail us at with your horse's picture. Let us know what name the order was placed under or the order number.

What is included in my horse's personalized DNA report?

Every horse will receive their own personalized report. If you sent us your horse's picture, it will be included on the report cover and on the special breed composition certificate. The breed composition certificate can be printed out for display or shared on your social media. The report also includes what breed(s) is in your horse's genetic makeup as well as an explanation of the results. Depending on your horse's breed composition, your report will include info about your horse's breed(s). This information includes diseases and health problems that are prominent for that breed as well as tons of other information including the breed's proper nutrition, uses, origin, temperament, conformation, etc.

We will search our database for dam and sire matches for your horse (if needed). Any matches found will be provided in your results.

Can we DNA test mules?

Yes! We can help you find out what breed the horse part of your mule is!

Does you lab have any governing oversight?

Yes, the lab we use is accredited. There is one acting governing body that helps to keep genetic laboratory testing standards held to some kind of common measure: The International Society for Animal Genetics (ISAG). They offer standardized testing every other year for any lab who wishes to participate.

Is your lab liscensed for equine DNA testing?

Yes. The lab we use for testing is ISAG accredited (International Society of Animal Genetics).

How accurate is your testing?

Although the lab we use is highly accurate, no medical, scientific, or genetic testing is ever 100% accurate - there are simply too many places for errors to occur. The errors can come from any number of places (barn, persons handling samples, allele dropout, heat degradation, contamination, etc.) and any result should be checked against good strong controls, then rechecked, then questioned.

What can I do with my results from your tests?

You can share your results with friends and family as many of our customers do! The beautiful personalized DNA reports and breed composition certificates can be printed and displayed or saved onto your computer. If we are able to find your horse's sire and/or dam, this allows owners to get a more complete picture of their horse's history. Some clients were even able to get their horse registered after learning who the parents are.

Most of all, our customers are just thrilled to find out what breed their horse(s) are!

Can you find out if my horse is registered?

Yes, we can possibly find out if your horse is registered if the DNA is flagged in our system for a match during testing.

Can you find my horse's sire and/or dam?

Yes. On a case by case basis, we have been able to find matches in our system for horses' sires and dams.