DNA Testing Your Mustang for Breed Composition

Unveiling the Heritage of Mustangs Through DNA Horse Breed Testing

Mustangs, often referred to as the living symbols of the American West, are renowned for their strength, endurance, and resilient spirit. These wild horses, with their storied past, embody a unique blend of history and mystery. One of the most exciting ways to delve into their fascinating lineage is through our DNA horse breed testing. By uncovering the genetic heritage of Mustangs, we can gain valuable insights into their origins, breed composition, and the diverse influences that have shaped them over the centuries.

The Significance of Mustangs

Mustangs hold a special place in American history. Descendants of Spanish horses brought to the New World by explorers and settlers, these horses adapted to the wild, roaming free across vast landscapes. Over time, they intermingled with horses brought by later settlers, including draft breeds, Thoroughbreds, and others. This rich tapestry of genetics has resulted in the modern Mustang's distinctive characteristics.

Why DNA Testing for Mustangs?

Given their mixed ancestry and the centuries of evolution, Mustangs possess a unique and varied genetic makeup. DNA testing provides an opportunity to unravel this complex heritage, offering a detailed look at the different breeds that have contributed to the Mustang's genetic profile. Here’s why DNA testing for Mustangs is so valuable:

  1. Understanding Breed Composition: DNA testing can identify the various breeds present in a Mustang’s lineage. This helps owners, breeders, and enthusiasts appreciate the diverse genetic influences that contribute to their Mustang’s traits and abilities.

  2. Health Insights: Certain breeds are predisposed to specific genetic health issues. By understanding a Mustang’s breed composition, owners can be more vigilant about potential health concerns and take proactive measures to ensure their horse’s well-being.

  3. Preservation Efforts: For conservationists and organizations dedicated to preserving Mustang populations, DNA testing provides essential data to maintain genetic diversity and manage breeding programs effectively.

  4. Educational Value: Learning about a Mustang’s genetic background can be an enlightening experience for anyone with a passion for these remarkable horses. It deepens the connection between owner and horse and fosters a greater appreciation for the Mustang’s storied heritage.

The DNA Testing Process

The process of our horse breed DNA testing for Mustangs is straightforward and non-invasive. Here’s how it works:

  1. Purchase Test: Click here to purchase the test online. No waiting for a kit - you can send us your horse's hair sample straight away!
  2. Sample Collection: A small sample of at least 30 pulled (mane and/or tail) hairs with the root bulb intact is all that needs to be collected from your Mustang.

  3. Submission: You will mail us your horse's sample (just a regular envelope and stamp is fine!) with the DNA Sample Submission Form (click here to see form) for our specialized laboratory to process and analyze the sample.

  4. Analysis: The lab examines the genetic material to identify the presence of various breed markers. This analysis provides a detailed report on the breed composition of your Mustang.

  5. Results: Owners receive a comprehensive report via email outlining the breeds present in their Mustang’s genetic makeup, along with any relevant health information and insights into the horse’s ancestry. A breed certificate with your Mustang's breed composition will also be furnished.


Our DNA horse breed testing offers a window into the rich and varied history of Mustangs. By uncovering the genetic heritage of these iconic horses, we gain a deeper understanding of their origins, characteristics, and the diverse influences that have shaped them. For Mustang owners and enthusiasts, this knowledge is invaluable, fostering a greater connection to these majestic creatures and helping to ensure their health and preservation for generations to come.

If you own a Mustang or are simply fascinated by these living symbols of the American West, consider exploring their genetic heritage through DNA testing by DNA My Horse. It’s a journey of discovery that promises to enhance your appreciation for these incredible horses and the legacy they carry within their genes.

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